Sunday, May 29, 2011

This is me popping in

I'm starting to think this blog will just be whenever I post almost to show emotional progression more than anything else.

Which I suppose wouldn't be bad, it shows my emotional state over jumps of time.

So. May of my Junior year.

Nearly a Senior.

*insert horror movie scream here*

...Truly scary right?

School's nearly up, finished Algebra 1, gonna be finishing American Government... soonish.

Junior year wasn't bad (okay, well school-wise not horrible) and being seventeen isn't all bad.

I'm getting my permit in a couple weeks and then my license once I turn 18. ...Yay?

What else... found a carnation of IFG. He was 19. Had glasses. Liked Doctor Who. He ALSO has a successful long-distance girlfriend.

Go team?

So yea, relationship front is... fine. things are up in the air with Nick, supposedly I'm "back with him" but I'm considering it more trial period than anything else.

We'll see.

Senior Year looks... bright-ish. Good thing I've got all Summer to prepare.

By the way, taking the SAT in 6 days. ...Let my death begin.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Life's Improving

Remember that last blog post? Way far back?

Well yea. I have no excuse for my laziness, forgetfulness, and utter fail.

So yea.

In response to my last post, I'm in a different place now I guess.

Key words: I guess.

I've actually joined some activities and I believe I am beginning to "bond" with some of my classmates in my art and anime classes.

So that's good.

I joined fencing, which is fun and a fantastic stress-reliever (albeit panful)

I'm re-joining karate to get my head-in-the-game as it were. Set my mind straight through inner balance. And self defense.

The fact I can ALREADY feel arm muscle (well, not much but hey there's SOMETHING there) is a valid enough sign I'd like to continue.

School proceeds as per normal, and I'm still not entirely sure about the college-thing or much of anything at this point.

I changed my facebook location.

I know, this might not seem like a big change but... its more symbolic. I've changed the way I view myself and the way the world views me on my main form of expressing myself to the masses (aka - my friends and family).

In essence, I think I finally admitted I live in Florida. Not Virginia.

I think this is a fantastic step in the right direction for me at this point. Even just a little step towards it is fantastic at this point.

In matters regarding love... bleh. An accurate sum-up right there.

I don't quite know what to say about it, there's a lot of conflict, useless crap, and basically bleh. Is it wrong to just want to feel the butterflies, the tingles, and feeling of your breath catching in your throat, dizzy, or anything?

Is it worse for me to wish someone HERE would just appear out of nowhere and knock me off my high horse, break down my icy barriers, all "SURPRISE!"

Clearly, I need friends (and possibly a male friend) down here.

Basically, I still feel like I've got one foot in VA and one in FL, but if anything else, I'm now leaning on the FL foot.

Maybe a little shove will send me on my way. Then I can put in the doorstopper and return when I've done what was meant to be done in FL.

I believe I'm here for a reason.

I've just got to find out what that reason is.

Monday, March 7, 2011

So Hi

Hey look man, another post.

Shocking right?

Remember that time I said I'd post daily. I lied. it's whenever I remember to post.

What to say right now...

Emotional turmoil.

I'm at a good place right now, but everything also sucks.

It's like I'm just... stuck.

Yea, that's a good word.


See, Florida is nice. Sunny, warm, fresh. Yea, that's a good word. Fresh.

It's like driving down the freeway and suddenly this NEON SIGN is put right in front of you advertising this fantastic attraction at an exit.

...Bad metaphor.

Florida is OFFERING all these great opportunities and I know I could really love it here if I stopped on the turn-y circle thing of the exit and actually crossed fully into it.

...Better metaphor time. I'm standing on the door jam of an open door.

One foot is on the other side of the door, offering me the ability to go back if I simply turned my hip or took a step back.

But one foot is already across, and is waiting for the other foot to suck it up and cross with it.

Neither foot will move without the other's consent. Thus, stuck.

And I'll tell yo what, being in the middle of a doorway sucks.

The feeling of being simply... stuck. It transends into everything you do. This feeling... of... stuck.

Yes, that's an EMOTION now.

Writing - I feel good about it but at the same time wanna shoot myself IN THE FOOT when I think about it. ANY writing project, even LoM which I ACTUALLY REALLY LIKE.

Drawing - Stuck. Expanding my horizons is just... out of my reach. Despite my desire too. It's an art block of all art blocks.

Friendships - Part of me wonders if this is the real backbone of the stuck thing.

It traces back to the whole, does putting both feet on the transitional doorway... will the door back close?

Will it shut off both ways, my way back or their way forward?

Meaning the whole... transiton from VA to FL.

It's funny, going back to VA while in this phase.

You observe that life moves on. Sure, they miss you, but they are not in this stuck-state. Unlike you.

It's like observing from the outside of a fogged up window, kinda Christmas Carol like, because as you watch, your brain plays what this might've been liked if I hadn't left

And always being the strong one... always the one to assure and put on the strong smile of "'Course, it'll be alright, only 5 weeks, that's not long at all!" the Everything Is Fine Don't Worry, face.

Meanwhile Mental!Emily is shouting "Liar liar liar, maybe for them."

I've come to the conclusion I cannot stay trapped in the doorway. I've got to pick to either step through... and step back and watch from afar.

Which will hurt more though? Watching from afar as life goes on and you cannot join? Or Separating and... continuing on?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

In Which Evans Tries to Put Together A Cohesive List (now with 15% more Purple)

My layout... it is so shiny!

What to say... uhmm... hello blogging world consisting probably of just myself!

It's... the 27th of February. As astounding as that may be.

Lots of new things are happening.

A. I applied to SCAD (a truly brilliant Art School in Savannah)

B. I just cut my hair short, dyed it red and purple. (It looks so cool but I'm still not sued to it)

C. I'm fleshing out an idea for a new novel... and going to be editing Left-Over Magic.

D. ...I don't really HAVE a D that wouldn't take an entire blogpost on it's own to fill.

E. (My letter after all) I'm possibly going to start video blogging. You know, because I can. (Liar, you are doing it so you can try to meet Charlieissocoollike from London) Probably true.

Trust me, I'll blog this time. My livejournal will be more of my personal outlet THIS will be my... blog-y of blog...ness. Yea.